Who We Are

HashtagDearYouth is a youth movement that was formed to make us proactive and sensitive to the things that happen to other people and not just ourselves. Its essence is to make US love and appreciate ourselves, to make OTHERS love and appreciate themselves by spreading kindness and  compassion, to make us fight for what we should really be fighting for and to make us  understand that  our actions have consequences not just on us but on larger society. The era of fighting on the basis of ethnic and religious lines is over. Nothing gets done that way.
The ‘ENDSARS’ protests wouldn’t have been as successful as it was if the Igbos said they didn’t want to fight alongside the Hausas because of age-long ancestral wars. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests wouldn’t have made such an impact as it did if people didn’t want to fight alongside people not in their church or bearing similar sexual orientation as them. When united, standing against a common enemy (which may be a  person, policy or tradition) becomes easier and coming out successful is more of a sure banker.
But this message/call/movement is not just for the teenagers but for all those who haven't yet transited into that level of maturity where you realize that what YOU do can affect EVERYONE else. It is for all those who think what THEY say can’t make a difference in SOMEONE ELSE’s life. Maybe your own voice as an individual might not be loud enough. That’s what HashtagDearYouth is here for. To give your voice power. In our community, you’ll find so many like-minded people who are ever willing to amplify your concerns, and ever passionate to go all the way to ensure something is done about it.
We encourage you to join our fight. We need the numbers to make massive changes. We need your help.

To encourage the youth to love and appreciate themselves and the ideas they have.
To encourage the youth to love and appreciate others by spreading kindness and compassion wherever they are.
To encourage the youth to fight for what they should really be fighting for.
To make the youth understand that their actions have consequences not just on them but on larger society.           

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