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We have been dormant for too long. And have allowed our various countries to be ruled by those who couldn't care less for us. 
But we need to care for ourselves and speak for ourselves. HashtagDearYouth is here to help cope with social, mental, and physical problems we the youth face.

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The must read from talented youth. 

The thing about this blog is that there is something here for everybody: The gist hungry, the nonchalant, the 'motivationalists', 'the activists, the feminists, the haters of feminists, the chauvinists, the depressed individual, the extremely happy individual, EVERYBODY!
In all the posts, there's something that relates to you, something that applies to you and best of all, something that has affected someone around you that you turned, not just a blind eye, but an ignorant eye to.
If this is you, STOP! Forget about the YouTube videos you were going to watch, all the series you were going to catch up on and go through this blog because there's something big in store for you. HashtagDearYouth is for YOU, to make you a better YOUTH.
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